• Our Solution for developing Product on software level

    In the development of high leveled automated driving system, due to the various influence factors, it is hard to identify the functional and performance requirements on all the functional modules through structured functional analysis. Based on X-in-the-Loop tests, we can find new problems and provide solutions for automotive manufacturers and component suppliers through exhaustive and iterative research methods in developing ADS, in order to help them to reach a higher automation level faster. Concretely the following areas are concerned in particular:

    √ 1、Various sensors

    √ 2、Electric actuators

    √ Building new system architecture

    e. g. Slow Car Detection System: For OEM (patent) Compass-camera-screen Based Blind Area Eliminating System: For OEM (patent)

    The scope of the development can cover the following areas:

    1、Main control strategy
    2、Actuator controlling
    3、Sensor data analyzing and fusion

    Our Solution for Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Based on HiFi Perception Sensor Simulation